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IQVIA Performance Management and Insights are purpose-built life sciences BI solutions that support better decision-making for commercial leaders.
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Meet the highly-specialized needs of life sciences

Life sciences companies are facing ever-increasing analytical challenges caused by the growing volume and diversity of available data, complex technology ecosystems and diversity of stakeholders requiring timely insights - all at a time when resources are being squeezed. Enabling fit-for-purpose Business Intelligence (BI) solutions is costly and time-consuming, and generic tools are even more challenging to configure to meet the highly-specialized needs of life sciences.

IQVIA Performance Management and Insights provide purpose-built life sciences BI solutions that support better decision-making for executives, multi-disciplinary brand and launch teams and field forces in all types and sizes of life science organizations. Based on our deep understanding of the data, advanced analytics and transformative technology, IQVIA PM&I solutions offer out-of-the-box functionality that meets role-specific decision support needs. And because the solutions are built in the cloud, they are flexible, scalable and responsive to ever-changing information and analytics needs.

Course correcting on a timely basis is critical

PM&I offerings are a suite of end-to-end configurable solutions that support the decision needs of a diverse set of user personas and enable the organization with enterprise-wide KPIs. IQVIA customers benefit from a modular approach that allows them to prioritize investments to address the most pressing capability gaps, reduce risk and increase speed of insights. PM&I solutions provide a robust early warning system that helps you correct course to provide better outcomes.

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