Helping Sites and Investigators grow through innovation and collaboration

IQVIA values our partnerships with sites and investigators and knows the challenges sites face to be successful.
Our global site-centric partnerships create a strategic alignment that provide the right solutions powered by data-driven insights and technology to increase efficiency, faster recruitment and continuous growth.

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Safe Sites. Trial Continuity.

We are committed to helping you continue with your clinical trials while keeping sites and patients safe. We have put in place the IQVIA COVID-19 Assessment Application and additional procedures following local country guidelines that ensure the safety of the patient, site staff, and our employees when we visit sites to continue our work and maintain trial continuity.

Strong Relationships Drive Performance

IQVIA invests in strong site relationship across all therapeutic areas and trial phases to

  • Reduce the burden of clinical trial research through technology
  • Improve site feasibility and selection using machine learning models
  • Identify and engage the right patients through data-driven patient recruitment
  • Offer diverse treatment options through a large portfolio of clinical trials
  • Enable patients to participate in clinical trials as a care option

IQVIA is also helping sites adapt and diversify their operations by engaging investigators in decentralized trials. We offer both 100% remote studies and hybrid models that blend virtual health tools with traditional site-based elements.

We link Sites and Investigators to clinical trials
Create your clinical studies profile once for 1/3 of global sponsored clinical trials including IQVIA’s diverse study portfolio.
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Site and Investigator Resources

New to Clinical Research?

Access investigator information, support and our training guide on how to get started.

Research Experienced

IQVIA has innovative programs designed to help sites and investigators become more effective and efficient while offering patients expanded options to participate in clinical research including consumer health, health economics outcomes, virtual trials and real-world evidence studies.

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New thinking for site and investigators
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Patient Recruitment

Predict enrollment more accurately and increase the number of patients per site using data-driven patient recruitment solutions.

Virtual Trials

Bring trials directly to patients to decrease costs, increase quality and improve access.

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