Use payer insights to drive market access.

The Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Accelerator from IQVIA lets you analyze past and current payer assessments and evidence requirements to guide clinical trial design and market access strategy across the product lifecycle.
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See your product the way payers do

Accelerate your knowledge of trends, decision-drivers and emerging themes in payer assessments with IQVIA's HTA Accelerator. With HTA Accelerator, you can have direct insight into payer decisions and requirements and advanced analytic capabilities to guide market access strategy from research to launch to market expansion.

HTA Accelerator shows you payer requirements by market, disease or product category. It delivers a nuanced understanding of the dynamic payer environment based on HTA reports of more than 100 agencies in 32 countries. With new drugs coming to market every month, it also provides near real-time data on recent product submissions that could affect your future plans.

Evidence that leads to insight

HTA Accelerator gathers data from HTA publications and news, regulatory approvals, clinical trials, list prices, policy updates, countries and agencies.

Strengthen your case at every stage

HTA Accelerator gives you direct access to payer insights, based on regulatory approvals, clinical trials, pricing, policy updates and country and agency information, including

  • Identification of payer evidentiary needs and requirements
  • Guidance to ensure clinical trial design captures the right endpoints to help build a convincing value story
  • Emerging trends and hurdles in payer assessments
  • Evaluation of the payer landscape for product in-licensing
  • Takeaways and learnings from recent decisions in the same therapy area or in analogous situation.

Now you can shape trial design using the type of data that payers in your market are asking for. You can review regulatory reporting for relevant products to understand the role of real world evidence in positive assessments. For products in market, you can monitor payer assessments that could impact future reimbursement and pricing for your product.

Analysis across the product lifecycle

Work with IQVIA experts and platforms

You can use HTA Accelerator as a standalone software platform to give your team simple access to payer information. You can work with IQVIA experts to identify trends, design research or perform in-depth patient and market reviews.

HTA Accelerator services can include

  • Full and continuous access to searchable, exportable payer assessments and related evidence
  • Email alerts and newsletter
  • Automated and custom-built dashboards focused by market, indication, and other criteria
  • Quarterly reports, in-depth analyses to address specific research questions, evidence assessment reports or primary payer research

HTA Accelerator is part of IQVIA's Pricing and Market Access solutions, which integrate pricing, launch planning and other IQVIA offerings into a customized approach based on your product development needs.

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