Your complete, cloud-based approach to safety. IQVIA™ Vigilance Platform

Transform your safety processes – improving compliance, data quality and efficiency while reducing cost and complexity. Eliminate manual, repetitive tasks so you can focus on delivering safer, more effective drugs and devices – faster.

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A transformational approach

IQVIA Vigilance Platform is an integrated, comprehensive platform built to simplify safety and PV processes, while boosting speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Delivered in our secure SaaS environment, using proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, Vigilance Platform delivers insights that improve compliance, product safety and add value to your product development process.

Automate intake and workflows

IQVIA’s Vigilance Platform is modular to maximize implementation flexibility for companies large and small.

IQVIA™ Vigilance Platform

IQVIA Vigilance Platform
This infographic illustrates how IQVIA's Vigilance Platform is transforming safety processes – improving compliance, data quality and efficiency while reducing cost and complexity.

Your intelligent, integrated path to safety and compliance

  • Improves performance while reducing cost and complexity
  • Enables real-time signal detection for pro-active monitoring
  • Allows system enhancements with no disruptive upgrade projects
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing IT environments
  • Meet life sciences data security and privacy standards

Every generation of PV tools will get smarter and more adaptive, extending applications to solve new pharma challenges in different ways.


More informed product design

Our 3000+ safety professionals in more than 100 countries interact daily with customers, providing design input and user feedback — to help optimize product design.

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