Forget (Almost) Everything You Know About Pharmacovigilance
Are you ready for next-generation PV technology?
White Paper
Jul 08, 2019


Next-generation pharmacovigilance (PV) technology is going to disrupt old school approaches and outdated processes that haven’t changed in years. This disruption may be painful, but it is necessary, and the organizations and PV experts who are willing to adapt, stand to gain substantial benefits.

As anyone who has been through a system evolution knows, new technology always has a business impact. The business inevitably embraces these technologies -- but only after shedding a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

The current PV evolution will be no different.

Despite incremental improvements across the biopharma landscape, PV organizations haven’t seen any groundbreaking technology changes for decades. There have always been teams dedicated to getting data into and out of systems, authoring aggregate reports and verifying medical accuracy and completeness among other tasks. But most efficiencies were sought through outsourcing and piecemeal automation rather than the deployment of new technology. Today, this is no longer enough.


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