Successfully Engaging with the Pharmacy
It is undeniable that there is a revolution underway in pharmacy
Jill Major, Senior Director, Global Business Marketing, Tech Solutions, IQVIA Consumer Health
Apr 01, 2020

How to successfully engage with the Pharmacy is a key question within the consumer health industry today. Driven by changing consumer behaviours, the rise of e-commerce and digital services, as well as governments looking to adapt healthcare systems to be more cost effective, the traditional pharmacy model is shifting.

For pharmacists and pharmacy owners this is leading to a bigger focus on in-pharmacy services and non-prescription products. Today’s independent pharmacists need to be much more commercially minded, while those working for chains must also keep a closer eye on products sold directly to the consumer.

Despite shifts in consumer behaviour the pharmacy remains for many people the biggest influencer in making healthcare decisions. Even in digital-savvy markets such as Western Europe or China, people still see pharmacists as their key information provider when it comes to buying OTC or nutrition products.

These changes also pose challenges – and present opportunities – for the consumer healthcare industry around how best to engage with time-poor pharmacists and how best to support what remains a crucial channel for getting products into the hands of consumers.

At IQVIA Consumer Health we are constantly monitoring the pharmacy channel globally to ensure we can uncover the opportunities that exist and provide the technology that enables industry to have a full, clear picture of the market and engage with pharmacists in ways that are mutually beneficial to all stakeholders.

You can find out more about how technology is helping industry better connect with the key pharmacy channel, download our FREE report Engaging with the Pharmacy Future here.

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