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Digestive Health
Jyoti Shah, Director, Phil Henderson, and Matt Stewart
White Paper
Oct 09, 2019


Over the past decade there has been an evolution in consumer attitudes towards how they take care of themselves, with increasing interest in “health and wellness” rather than simply treating symptoms of illness.  

Most of the key OTC categories have been impacted by this change in consumer behaviour, and the Digestive Health category serves as great example of how people have shifted from treating a digestive problem when symptoms occur – such as using an antacid to tackle an attack of heartburn – towards maintaining gut health using a range of preventative products, most notably probiotics.

A cursory glance over Instagram or other social media platforms will uncover a host of health-related content, with diet – the #diet is attached to over 60 million Instagram posts as of July 2019 - and digestive health seen as a key component of the overall ‘wellness’.

Consumers are paying attention not just to their exterior fitness but also interior fitness. Maintaining or improving digestive health in an environment where stress and poor diet can acerbate digestive issues has become a key concern for the health-conscious consumer and is changing the makeup of the digestive health category.

Long driven by the ‘traditional’ sub-categories such as heartburn and antacid products, the Digestive Health category’s key growth area for the past few years directly reflects the consumer’s growing desire to maintain and manage their health.

This Digestive Health Category QuickView is driven by IQVIA’s Consumer Health Global Insights data*. 

Download today a view of the fast-growing Digestive Health market and the drivers behind it.

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