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Healthcare is in a constant state of innovation and advancement. Getting your product to patients quickly requires assembling a highly trained team, equipped with the best tools and reaching the right healthcare providers.
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Let us handle your headcount strategy

IQVIA Belux takes care of your headcount strategy, with the most appropriated tools for the different needs that you might have along this journey.

Discover our solutions and reach our team to discuss which would be the best approach for you and we’ll develop a unique proposal.

Flex Sourcing Services

IQVIA BELUX Flex Sourcing Services in a nutshell

Contract Sales

  • Dedicated Solutions: IQVIA staff are assigned to work exclusively for you in support of your portfolio
  • Shared Solutions: Multi-channel teams bringing medical information & services to the stakeholders in Primary Care

Patient Support

  • Educate patients on their disease: Delivering individualized and targeted support through the right blend of in-person, digitally augmented engagements
  • Improve understanding of treatment and therapy challenges: Motivating patients to engage with their own health and treatment, driving long-term positive behavior change and measurable outcomes
  • Human: Highly skilled nurses (Health Coach Certified) with significant experience of delivering education and support programs in a range of therapeutic areas 
  • Innovative: Supported by technology, linked with Real World Evidence collection, etc. 

Direct Marketing

  • Dear HealthCare Professional letters: Cost effective solution 
  • Compliance: IQVIA DHCP mailings are seen as the standard in terms of compliance
  • Promotional mailing: Based on available consents
  • Paper or digital: Select the preferred channel

Outbound Support

  • Appointment Planning: Our teams can set up HCP appoints for your sales people, taking into account the travel distance and the rep’s work schedule
  • Appointment Confirmation and Reminders: We’ll send a confirmation email/meeting request via Outlook to both the rep and the HCP and, if needed, will send them both a reminder text message
  • Consent Management: We’ll continue to seek and store HCPs consent to be contacted
  • Audits and Satisfaction Surveys: We’ll contact HCPs by phone or visit pharmacies to gather feedback and insights for you to improve your services and communication.

Inbound Support

  • First-Line Support: We can staff a help line for HCPs/Consumers so that they can call 24/7 should they have questions, need to place orders, have a product recall, etc. (pharmacovigilance)
  • Call Reports: Reps can call our team to dictate the report on their visit. We’ll type it into your CRM
  • Follow-up Activities: We can orchestrate any follow-up activities requested in the meeting report, including setting up a call back, sharing additional materials, processing sample requests, and arranging a visit with a medical science liaison
  • Database Updates: We’ll ensure that any new contact details are captured in the CRM

Field Support

  • Remodeling and Merchandising: Different levels of complexity
  • Emergency handling: Urgent product or promotion withdrawal and placement actions
  • Educational Material Delivery and Sample Fulfillment: We can ensure that materials are delivered to HCPs and consumers
  • Brand promotion and Tradeshow Staffing: Our staff is available to welcome visitors to trade booths and/or to place merchandise at events
  • Onsite Audits and Surveys: Our teams can act as “mystery shoppers” to check on the status of merchandising and see if messaging to customers is on target


  • Corporate communication, (disease) awareness and patient communities: We build the storytelling and communication eco-system 
  • Social media listening: Information gained from social media and digital KOL analysis
  • Sales and marketing material creation 
  • Technology used during patient support programs: Educate and train through different channels 

With IQVIA Contract Sales and Medical Solutions you will ensure the sustainability of your business.

In a sector characterized by frequent job switching, our average retention rate is 98%.

Not by chance but by constant monitoring of our employees’ needs and desires. Read more about this on this link and discover why we retain and how we care. 

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