Business Intelligence and Data Science

As part of the global healthcare community, IQVIA Belgium and its BIDS team (Business Intelligence and Data Science) continuously invest in ways to help life science companies find the next breakthrough in improving human health.
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Partner and innovate to make better decisions based on factual insights.

We support systems for making the most of increasingly limited resources. And empower companies to deliver value and improved outcomes for patients, Healthcare Providers (HCPs), Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) and teams.

Are you looking for …

  • An innovative way to detect risk and/or fraud by combining data from a variety of sources?
  • A ready-to-use solution for managing the decision-making information within your company?
  • A way to monitor your market share, sales and financial performance to direct your business decisions?
  • A partner in creating a vision and strategy that are comprehensive as well as easy to implement?
  • More insight into the referral sources directing HCPs and patients to your brands?
  • An understanding of the customer journey across channels so that you can monitor and optimize them?