Get the most from every segment

Don't waste words when talking to healthcare providers. Each communication has to count. And knowing your audience — pinpointing the right decision maker, who has the patients, who need and are ready for your product — is essential.

With the granular data and advanced analytics including the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence from IQVIA, you can effectively profile, segment and target the right decision markers, focusing your resources where they matter the most. Get the right information to enable the right approach for your brand and market.

  • Profile your target segments with the right prescribing detail, treatment approach, product distribution and more
  • Uncover healthcare professionals with the specialty, location or patient population you seek
  • Help your teams connect with the right healthcare professionals, prescribing decision-makers or key opinion leader whose influence can drive results

When you can focus on what’s right for your brand or location, you get the most from every effort.

Find out how our profiling can help your messages have more impact.

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