The tools and the data to keep growing

Hospitals, health systems, physician groups face some of the same complex challenges. Changing reimbursement requirements. Demands for quality of care improvements. Tighter budgets.

IQVIA, powered by the IQVIA COREhas the data, the tools, and the expertise to help you distinguish your organization as a high-quality provider. We can offer better measurement, reporting and tools to help you deliver even more efficient and effective patient care.

  • Build smarter strategies for your organization with the world’s largest independent source of health plan claims and prescription data.
  • Grow your network, improve quality of care and enhance financial performance using innovative analytics and tools to expand your visibility.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with clearer insight into care dynamics, more referrals, less leakage, proactive engagement with key physicians and populations, and more.

Let us help you gain insights to drive more confident decisions.