The Role of Digital Technology in Sales Team Performance and Development
Raj Sevilimedu, Principal, Digital, AMESA
Oct 11, 2019

Pharmaceutical companies depend on the capability and experience of medical representatives to win over and retain healthcare professionals and relies on them to deliver medical innovations to customers. These representatives undergo frequent training to develop their selling techniques and skills, and to stay abreast of the developments in the industry.

Salesforce Performance and Development: Tasks and Obstacles

Medical representatives are burdened with copious tasks and goals to accomplish: maintaining physician lists, preparing territory plans, planning calls, distributing samples, auditing retail chemist prescriptions, and meeting sales targets. Added to these, the regular training and briefing sessions strain the sales teams’ time and resources that could have been spent on reaching more potential clients and earning more sales.

The time available for medical representatives to interact with physicians is shrinking. In an IQVIA HCP Space survey, 39% of physicians said that they spent an average of 3 - 5 minutes with a medical representative, and 27% said that they spent less than 3. It is crucial that this trend is reversed, so physicians can gain sufficient information and understanding of the representatives’ message and offering.

Skills development should also go beyond training sessions. Peer learning with real world situations further instills new skills and practices. Discussions with industry leaders and experts add an experienced perspective to the representative’s understanding.

While skills development and training are important to improve the salesforce, solutions need to be found to provide representatives with training and resources beyond time-consuming training sessions. Easily accessible and up-to-date resources on the industry, best practices, and the brand can give sales teams an edge against competition, are also crucial in allowing sales teams and individual representatives to learn and brush up on their skills on the move.

Digital Technology: Alleviating the Burden

Digital technology has given medical representatives new tools to overcome the hinderances they faced and enhance their meetings with valuable information and insight. With accessible data-driven analytics, drug information at their fingertips, and standardized communications, sales teams can now deliver their offerings and sell their products more effectively and efficiently. App innovations today also help representatives solve other obstacles they face, including lead prioritization, conversion prediction, and route planning.

New technologies must be seamlessly integrated into the sales training effort to pave the way for a new digitally savvy salesforce that is connected to the consumer and the ecosystem, and ultimately execute the companies’ sales strategy.

IQVIA Sales View

IQVIA understands that, to achieve high sales force effectiveness, it is necessary to bring a holistic view of the industry to the salesforce. That is why we’ve created a customized platform to enable pharmaceutical companies to engage and develop the sales teams on a continuous and consistent basis.

IQVIA Sales View is a unique app designed to be a digital learning and capability development companion for life-sciences commercial organizations, supporting the organization from medical representatives to managers.

IQVIA Sales View contains features and tools that help representatives handle various issues for better performance and effectiveness, including:

  • Doctor conversion and in-clinic communication
  • Knowledge on product differentiator
  • Self-assessment capabilities
  • Market insights with analysis and data
  • Weekly sales tips
  • Motivational success stories
  • Thought leadership articles and case studies
  • Weekly assessments to help users gauge their strength

Future features will include:

  • Educational videos on skill development
  • AI driven coach to improve in-clinic conversations
  • Sales capabilities in Med-Tech fields

Access IQVIA Sales View today to provide your salesforce with the competitive edge in today’s market.
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