Built for IQVIA to meet the needs of Human Data Science. Now available for your big healthcare data needs.

The Human Data Science Cloud is IQVIA’s fit-for-purpose capability designed to enable healthcare-grade analytics, tools, and applications.


A new approach to long-standing data challenges

We created the Human Data Science Cloud to access, integrate, enrich, and transform data at scale for advanced analytics, machine learning and AI/ML applications. Now we are making this exclusive capability available to our customers, so they can leverage proven approaches to apply Human Data Science to their businesses and move healthcare forward


The IQVIA Human Data Science Cloud is the foundation for data driven insights in healthcare.

The Human Data Science Cloud powers all IQVIA solutions using four key capabilities:

  • Data networks: Extensive data networks and data extraction and integration capabilities with security and privacy considerations
  • Information factories: The world’s largest healthcare information processing factories that process trillions of global healthcare records every year
  • IQVIA’s Data Metamorphosis Engine: Data Integration, Data Enrichment and Data Transformation creates fit-for-purpose research datasets by cleaning and enhancing data from multiple foundational reference data assets
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) analytical platform: AI/ML-powered commercial analytics solutions leveraging integrated data on a scalable platform that drives commercial precision, speed and scale for IQVIA’s Life Sciences clients

The Human Data Science Cloud is built on open source, big data technology standards that gives customers the flexibility to scale and migrate data to meet changing needs quickly.


Making the world’s healthcare data even better

Our Data Metamorphosis Engine is at the heart of the Human Data Science Cloud. Leveraging deep domain expertise, we can transform disparate data sources into integrated healthcare-grade data for your needs.

Data Integration: Dynamic data management gives you safe and secure access to fully integrated data across an expansive array of healthcare data types.

Data Enrichment: Using AI and scientific expertise to address data gaps and previously undetectable errors.

Data Transformation: Enabling global healthcare data with IQVIA domain expertise in country level data, country specific methodologies, and the unique nature of country level healthcare.


For more information or to set up a meeting about the IQVIA Human Data Science Cloud, reach out to Luke Dunlap, Global Head of IQVIA Human Data Science Cloud.

Powered by the IQVIA CORE™
The IQVIA Human Data Science Cloud is made possible by the IQVIA CORE, the dynamic integration of unparalleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics, and essential domain expertise to help customers achieve what’s possible and discover better and faster paths to success.
Human Data Science
Evolve your approach to human health.