Revolutionize non-identified patient data collection with connected devices

The opportunity to seamlessly integrate non-identified patient data into the drug development process and improve outcomes is here – and IQVIA can help.

By harnessing the IQVIA CORE, our device-agnostic platform provides you with real-time data and endpoints – direct from your patients – and helps you 

  • Accelerate clinical development. Fast assessment of glucose-related safety issues, fewer required SMBG measurements, and data acceptability reports with Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices
  • Enhance patient safety and engagement. Improved patient engagement with eCOA solutions directly on the patients’ mobile devices, no device provisioning required
  • Increase commercial value. Reduced cardiac safety study costs up to 30% with ECG device-agnostic data intake technology

Find out how to revolutionize your approach to patient data.

Digital Health
This report on Digital Health examines trends in three areas — innovation, evidence and adoption — to assess whether these new tools are positioned to have a fundamental impact on patient care.
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