Smarter decisions, fueled by deeper data

A better understanding of sales growth. Forecasts that are accurate and precise.The real-world data and the forecasting expertise of IQVIA can make all the difference.

Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, we can help you anticipate which countries will offer opportunities, establish annual targets, and ensure you’re setting the right financial goals and allocating resources effectively.

  • Analyze in-depth forecasts in 49 countries and get 220 top-line country forecasts
  • Review a library of events to understand the dynamics and drivers of each market
  • Set and manage financial forecasts at the global and local level
  • Get fast access to key economic, political and healthcare issues affecting local growth

Working with IQVIA, you’ll be making better-informed business decisions, around the globe.

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Introducing the IQVIA CORE™, the new way we'll innovate.