Connect your people with your data, faster.

Manage multiple sources of healthcare data in a standardized format, centrally and more efficiently across your business to help drive quicker insights and answers.
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One solution, many configurations

Enabled by the IQVIA Human Data Science Cloud , Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides a centralized hosting and data management solution to source, standardize, integrate and access healthcare data– enabling you to gain more use and value from your global data assets.

Implementation to fit your organization

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) provides flexible configurations to meet your specific requirements – on your cloud or ours. Data can be sourced, hosted, standardized and accessed based on your business needs. Built on open-source, big data technology standards,  you can quickly scale and migrate data to meet changing needs.

Centralized access to structured healthcare data

Powered by IQVIA’s Global Data Model (GDM). The Standard for comprehensive health data.

The IQVIA Global Data Model (GDM) is the most comprehensive health data standard, providing a robust data model and the necessary information to be used as a health data exchange specification. It provides a single integrated definition of data and structures, unbiased of any system or perspective. Using a common language and framework for integration, it increases data consistency and increases coherence across systems. The GDM provides a framework for data enrichment and is continuously evolving to align with industry changes.

Connect data across your organization to transform the way you make business decisions

Improve workflow efficiency, promote collaboration and empower your business with centralized access to your healthcare data

  • Enables global collaboration, review and standardized of multiple data sources
  • Eliminates barriers to collaboration and improves access to multiple streams of data
  • Improves access to multiple data sources to speed up time to insights
  • Seamlessly integrate multiple data sources


Connect data across your organization to transform the way you make business decisions.
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IQVIA Human Data Science Cloud

The Human Data Science Cloud is IQVIA’s fit-for-purpose capability designed to enable healthcare-grade analytics, tools, and applications.

Enterprise Information Management

Connect data across your organization with master data management and data warehouse capabilities, and transform the way you make business decisions.

Performance Management and Insights (PM&I)

Get alignment on what to measure, eliminate duplicative reporting and make complex data easier to manage with our easy-to-deploy analytics suite.

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