Capture the patient experience. Distinguish your product for success.

Patients come first. The FDA and EMA are increasingly incorporating the patient’s experience into their assessments. Payers are using this data when considering coverage and pricing. Providers benefit by gaining a greater understanding of the patient experience, enabling more valuable conversations between physicians and patients.

Powered by the IQVIA CORE™, we use unique methods to understand the patient experience during clinical trials,including

  • Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA) strategy recommendation: Develop a strategy on what to measure and how.
  • Instrument selection, development, or modification. Ask the right questions that capture what is important to the patient.
  • COA endpoint development. Develop proper endpoints to measure how the product affects the patient.
  • COA trial implementation. Measure patient’s responses through digital tools.
  • Dissemination of results. Communicate the value of data to regulators, payers, providers.

We interpret each outcome in a simple, digestible way to help you deliver meaningful results to your stakeholders.

Capture real, quantified evidence of the patient experience during clinical trials.

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