With the right data management, see the insights beyond the numbers

In any trial, you want your data to go beyond numbers and become what you really need — insights. Timeliness of clean, analysis-ready data ensures you have access to insights early enough to course-correct as needed.

From building your database to locking it down, IQVIA is committed to providing customized data management solutions for your specific project. Our clinical data management teams produce results that are verified at the source, reproducible, and cost efficient. And that means providing you with the transparency, integrity, accountability, speed and accuracy you need.

Our methods foster high efficiencies, allow for early problem solving, and reduce the oversight time required.

And, faster access to reliable clinical trial data can improve decision making and accelerate your overall clinical development. Bring our experience to bear on your data — and get more insights.

Learn how we set the standard for clinical data management.

Harnessing IQVIA's Full Power
Introducing CORE, the new way we'll innovate.
The Next Wave of Centralized Monitoring
IQVIA has built and recently launched a technology platform that brings key centralized monitoring processes together from execution and technology viewpoints like never before.