Increase sales with improved sales force performance

Your sales force can be the determinant of whether your brand will flourish or flounder. But it’s not easy to track sales performance in a way that drives your bottom line.

Sales Force Performance Monitoring

With IQVIA, you have the confidence of knowing exactly how your team is performing. Improving sales activities means monitoring the right information. Understanding which factors truly drive prescribing intent and improve sales results.

  • Align territories and make sure your sales force is right-sized
  • Evaluate targeting and performance metrics at the territory, outlet, prescriber and plan levels
  • Manage field activity, call effectiveness, physician coverage, detailing and more, with meaningful metrics
  • Incent teams with accurate sales and volume updates on a timely basis
  • Review and modify sales strategies based on consistent, harmonized data, locally, nationally and globally
  • Be ready when you need to modify, change and adapt rapidly

Find out how we can help you keep up with your team—and increase your ROI.