Leveraging HTA Accelerator

A flexible approach to finding the answers you need

HTA Accelerator can be used to conduct a single analysis to answer specific business questions, or it can be leveraged more comprehensively to formulate an entire market access strategy.

IQVIA provided customers with HTA insights in more than 300 projects since 2011. In 2019 alone, HTA Accelerator substantially contributed to more than 50 successful client projects.

Choose your level of access

We offer independent access to HTA Accelerator as well as supported access in full consultation with our experts. This gives you the flexibility to decide which approach (or combination of approaches) will work best for your company.

Giving your product the HTA Accelerator advantage

Whether you choose to leverage it for specific questions or broader insights, IQVIA HTA Accelerator is a powerful tool. Use it to help you:

  • Obtain broader or more favorable reimbursement status.
  • Achieve a higher reimbursement rate through payer understanding of your product’s value and the difference it makes in real life scenarios.
  • Inform a clinical development program that meets the needs of both regulators and payers.
  • Ensure an RWE strategy that maximizes your product’s lifecycle.
  • Make the right investment decisions at key points within the clinical development process.
  • Secure a target price for your product by delivering the right evidence to payers.
  • Gain real-time access to information that enables faster and smarter decision- making — thereby getting your product to market faster.

HTA Accelerator

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