Realize the power of risk-based monitoring

With recent regulatory guidance, risk-based monitoring (RBM) is becoming the industry’s de facto approach to clinical monitoring. As the recognized RBM leader, IQVIA can help you can execute your RBM trials with confidence.

IQVIA’s Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) solution uses advanced technology and analytics to manage risks and enhance patient safety, while improving study quality and potentially reducing costs – by up to 25%. At the core is our innovative Centralized Monitoring technology platform with automated workflows to enhance data flow for faster, more efficient actions and improved trial outcomes.

  • Predicated on risk-based thinking, and using new predictive and advanced analytics to proactively identify potential issues
  • Consolidates data into a single, automated platform enabling faster, more informed decisions
  • Demonstrated effectiveness for nearly all therapeutic areas, in all Phases
  • Proven to yield greater efficiency, improved patient safety, enhanced study quality, and higher cost savings

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