Make faster business decisions with the E360™ SaaS Platform.

Scalable analytics on complex real world datasets.

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Industry leading SaaS technology

E360™ is the industry leading SaaS technology platform used to perform scalable analytics across a global portfolio of large and complex real world data sets, which creates immense value.

E360™ enables faster business decisions from data to insight, and optimizes research for R&D or commercial teams - all at structurally lower cost.

Faster decision-making

  • Intuitive visualizations
  • Optimized tools tailored for you (trial design, HEOR, and others)
  • No advanced programming skills needed

Optimized research

  • Instant data access from thousands of datasets
  • Automation of standard tasks and re-use of code lists
  • Power tools to accelerate statistical analysis

Lower cost

  • No major IT investment and 60 - 80% lower total cost of ownership
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Instant start-up with dedicated training
  • Ability to customize and extend

State-of-the-art healthcare analytics solutions

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