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Self-management is increasingly becoming the standard for patients, providers and regulators. IQVIA can help you support this important trend, and provide appropriate tools for learning.
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Better information is good for patients

As more patients around the world are managing chronic diseases, there's a growing need for knowledge. From understanding the benefits of joining a trial to assessing the value of a therapy, education is a key to fostering positive health behaviors and better outcomes. IQVIA can help you maintain an ongoing dialog with patients, to build more informed engagement across the product lifecycle

  • During trials - help patients understand the benefits of enrollment and equip investigators and clinical research associates (CRAs) to provide deeper engagement
  • At launch - activate patients and patient advocates with substantive disease and product education to better prepare for treatment initiation
  • In market - engage patients and their providers to help them cope with their disease, treatment and therapy challenges; include healthcare providers so they can provide needed educational support
Actively involve patients in their own healthcare to improve treatment experience and outcomes.
Talking the Patients’ Language, IQVIA White Paper

Make education more effective

As more complex specialty drugs are introduced, the need for education and training increases. For some patients — for example those with rare diseases — education is crucial as even providers may not have much information. It is therefore crucial that both patients and providers are engaged and educated regarding both disease and treatment.

The “Cone of Learning”

Edgar Dale’s model for learning retention focuses on multimodal programs and on simulation, or learning by doing.

Mixing media and modes to build healthcare literacy

Not all patients are the same. Each one of them has different needs and a preferred learning style. Using a variety of formats — print, video, digital, mobile, and face-to-face with providers — can help meet patients where they are and engage them in their treatments.

Supporting the support network

Self-management can only go so far. Patients need support from providers, payers and opinion leaders, but also from their families and friends. IQVIA can help you develop appropriate educational materials for all these different support groups at each stage of the lifecycle and treatment journey — from trials to launch in market.

Understanding what oncologists need for their patients

The pipeline of oncology drugs in clinical development has expanded by more than 60 percent over the last five years. IQVIA surveyed 98 EU oncologists to understand what they need to help their patients get the most out of cancer care.

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Develop a full, multi-tactic communications strategy to reach and engage patients and other stakeholders.

Healthcare Professional Engagement

Ensure your stakeholders are getting the information they need, when and where they need it, to see where your product can improve outcomes.

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