Design and execute an informed IDN strategy

The US healthcare landscape is changing from a fee for service model to one based around quality and cost, with an important new stakeholder emerging: the Integrated Delivery Network (IDN). Pharma needs to answer three questions about how IDNs impact its business:

  • Are IDNs important for my brand, and do I need to focus on them now or can it wait?
  • Which IDNs should I target?
  • How do I engage with my target accounts?

Empowered by the IQVIA CORE™, our IDN Center of Excellence is well positioned to help you answer these questions and accelerate brand growth.

Avoid the common pitfall of simply targeting large accounts.

Our data shows us that IDN control varies significantly by therapeutic area, and an account that drives prescriptions in one therapeutic area may stall in another and have little influence for a third. Use our innovative, data-driven IDN Impact solution to estimate the degree of influence IDNs have on the prescribing behavior of affiliated HCPs and whether this acts as a as a hindrance or asset for your brand.

Accelerate engagement with IDN accounts using the right tactical plan.

Once accounts have been prioritized and targets identified, leverage our IDN Profiles and IDN Reference Guides to deepen your understanding of these accounts. Our rich profiles describe features such as quality initiatives, innovative contracting, and disease-specific investment that make each account unique, to improve your engagement efforts.

Contact us and let's determine and execute the best IDN strategy for your brand.

IDN Podcast Series

Listen to our podcasts to learn more about Integrated Delivery Networks. Five episodes are available:

  • IDN 101
  • Affliliations
  • Oncology
  • EHR Systems and Barriers
  • Primary Market Research

Integrated Delivery Networks

What pharmaceutical companies need to know before engaging them

Design a more effective commercial strategy by understanding what you need to know about Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and Provider Networks (PNs).