Bring together all the elements of your studies

We’ve created the IQVIA Infosario Site Gateway to provide you a single, secure and easy-to-use portal that brings together all the elements of your IQVIA clinical trials.

The Infosario Site Gateway simplifies overall trial management by centralizing details of all your IQVIA studies. Quickly see how you are performing on recruitment, understand what issues need resolving, review medical or lab results, securely send and receive documents. All through a single, secure portal.

  • Optimize trial management with accelerated turnaround times, enhanced patient safety data, and secure document exchange.
  • Lower administrative burden with centrally located non-study specific information.
  • Simplify training for enrolled investigators with on-demand access to study-specific and general clinical training — including protocol, Good Clinical Practice, and lab kit resupply.

See how the Infosario Site Gateway can simplify your studies — and help you do more of what you do best.