HEOR & Data Science: Pharma under pressure to achieve more from Real-World Data

More Real-World Evidence needed…
  • "21st Century Cures Act mandate for RWE, PRO, and other non-RCT clinical experience” - Major CRO
  • “We expect real-world evidence will become a standard part of drug submissions to medical regulators” - Major CRO
  • “We are only able to address 20% of all the requests for Real World Evidence” - VP, Top 10 PharmaCo
…but capacity to deliver not in place
  • RWE capabilities status: "~ 50% PharmaCos need significant improvement" - Top 5 Consulting Company Survey


Challenges and opportunities

What are the challenges?
  • Data access bottlenecks
  • More data mgt. than data science
  • High demand & resource constraints
  • Pressure to deliver in real time

“Companies spend significant time & resources on basic, low level data manipulation…diluting the value extracted from Real-World data science”

E360™ Platform
  • Profiles 1000s of datasets; Instant cloud based data access
  • Automates low level tasks; Data extraction & preparation
  • Unlocks capacity via collaboration tools; Training to reduce the RWE learning curve
  • Power tools to accelerate analysis; Instant start-up for more productive teams

“E360™ automates the painful process of cleaning, parsing, and proofing data and enables skilled resources to focus on data mining and modeling”

Using Real-World Data & E360™ to achieve market access & post-launch

Assess Epidemiology/Medical Practice

  • Understand the burden of disease
  • Characterize patient populations & identify subgroups of interest
  • Understand treatment pathways
  • Determine the standard of care
  • Identify unmet needs
  • Identify suitable local comparators

Prepare HTA Submission

  • Specify the exact population for payers (including local populations, incidence & prevalence)
  • Determine the cost of standard of care
  • Determine efficacy of comparators and direct and indirect costs of associated events

Post-launch Real World Evaluation

  • Overall Utilization
  • Treatment patterns (indication, dosage, co-medication, compliance, persistence)
  • Safety signal evaluation
  • Efficacy and real life effectiveness
  • Response to payers, regulators, or HTA queries in real time


Key capabilities available

Dataset exploration

Find your next real-world data assets

  • Around 70 IQVIA data assets available (standard option)
  • Extended catalog of datasets (1000s) (premium option)
  • Simple feasibility analysis or “first-pass” patient counts


Cohort building

Create complex patients cohorts, in real time

  • Interrogate any element of EHR data (diagnosis, drugs, labs, etc.)
  • Define complex protocols re-using existing codelists and disease definitions
  • Simulate even the most complex criteria including relative time windows
  • Instantly apply your definitions across multiple countries, enhancing team productivity


Advanced analysis options

Analyze in conjunction with your preferred power statistical tools

  • No black box: Integrate your own analytics & algorithms in E360™