Commercial and Brand: Healthcare analytics and Real-World Insights to maximize your ROI

“How are patients treated today? Which physicians should I target in launch?”
Brand Manager, Top 10 Pharma Co

“This launch isn’t hitting our pre-approval sales projections: are we reaching the right patient populations?”
BU Dir., Top 10 PharmaCo

“We’re not getting what we’re used to out of this commercial mix: how are our actions impacting initiations and switches?”
Marketing Dir., Top 10 Pharma Co


Real-World Insights for commercial success

Launch planning and tracking

  • Understand the current treatment pathway and stakeholder dynamics
  • Improve your provider segmentation and messaging from granular data insights
  • Perform rapid adjustment of messaging/resource allocation at launch

Brand analysis

  • Know your share of new patients and which specialties need more focus
  • Understand your competitive threats (i.e. which competitor is being switched to the most)
  • Analyse whether more new-to-brand patients are gained as add-on to existing therapy or as wins away from previous therapy

Commercial effectiveness

  • Perform RWE-enabled marketing (e.g. targeting undertreated population)
  • Improve field force productivity by focusing on the dynamic market
  • Utilize Real-World Evidence to implement engagement services (adherence)
  • Determine whether a marketing campaign has driven an increase in wins from a competitor


Key capabilities available

Dataset exploration

Profile and find your next real-world data assets

  • ~ 100 IQVIA data assets available
  • Extended catalog of 3rd party datasets (1000s)


Cohort building and market grouping

Create complex patient cohorts and market grouping in real time

  • Interrogate any element of Electronic Health Record data (diagnosis, drugs, labs, etc.)
  • Define complex patient cohorts re-using existing codelists and disease definitions
  • Create custom markets, using ATCs and drug treatments grouping criteria
  • Instantly apply your definitions across multiple countries, enhancing team productivity


Treatment insights
  • Intuitive visualization for faster decision making
  • Visualize usage patterns (switching, compliance, persistence, co-medications)
  • Perform standardized healthcare analytics across countries
  • Define your own market groupings to focus on the segments that interest you