RWI (Phase IV)

  • Implementation of retrospective file review studies to fund diseases, and prospective studies, to obtain clinical results in real life.
  • Implementation of active pharmacovigilance studies according to COFEPRIS's guidelines.
  • Medical writing services, protocol development, data management, monitoring, statistical analysis and publications.



  • Development and adjustment of health technology evaluations to submit them to basic conditions, including Markov models, discrete-event simulations and dynamic models of transmission.
  • Development of systematic revisions, meta-analysis and indirect comparisons
  • Design of institutional value proposals.



Sales projections of a product or portfolio, building forecast models for highly- specialized products.


Geographic Expansion Strategy / Market Entry

Definition of strategies for market entry or expansion to other markets.


Go To Market Strategy

Market segment definition strategy, and the necessary structure to take advantage of opportunities.


Incentive Compensation Design & Strategy

Design of Sales Force incentive plan. Quota definition per territory.


Physicians Connect

Identification of KOLs for a specific diagnosis and the construction of networks of influence of the physicians that treat the condition.



Analysis of best practices in a Segment or the Market.


Launch Strategy

Design of launch plans or elements of the plan (landscape, forecast, positioning, market potential, patient journey).


Patient Journey

Captures all phases of a patient's experience from the suspicion stage, through diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up, understanding the entire process through the perspective of all relevant involved individuals.


Stakeholder Mapping

Identification and differentiation of decision-makers in the inclusion and purchase (public and private) processes, as well as the understanding of decision drivers (financial, clinical, etc.).


Physician Discovery

Obtain physician specific information for marketing purposes.


Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio or product acquisition/licensing strategy design.


Pricing Strategies

Design and price recommendation for access to a new product (either through prescription or molecule) for both the private and public channels, as well as the understanding of the prescription and purchase barriers given its competitive environment.


Access Strategies

Development of access strategies (innovative pricing models, understanding of inclusion and purchase barriers, prioritization of target hospitals and definition of roles and duties of access, medical and business teams) for the inclusion and purchase of molecules for CSG (General Health Council) and public institutions.


Primary Intelligence and Strategic Data: PMR

Information is generated directly from the involved participants about the market, such as ATU, message recall, price flexibility, satisfaction, brand tracking.


Promotional Strategy

Definition of the optimum combined promotional mix for in-person promotions and multichannel marketing.


Resource Optimization (Sales Force Sizing)

Creation, restructuring and evaluation of medical, hospital and point-of-sale promotional teams.


Sales Force Deployment: TMS

Creation, restructuring and assessment of medical, hospital and point-of-sale promotional teams.


Targeting & Segmentation

Identification, differentiation and grouping of physicians, hospitals and points-of-sale based on variables available under a market or defined portfolio.


ROI Measuring

Establishing return on investment on promotional activities at points of sale.


Channel Dynamics ™

Monitors the impact on promotional investment on the different markets through a panel of physicians.