Prescriber Validation API

Reduce the potential of pharmacy fines and sanctions with real-time access to prescriber NPI and DEA credentials, state license information and sanction activity.
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Pharmacies of all sizes are using Central Prescriber API to reduce the potential for costly prescription fines and audits. CPV provides real-time access to prescriber NPI and DEA credentials, state license information and sanction activity.

With Central Prescriber Validation, pharmacy staff can:

  • Validate Prescriber or Supervising Prescriber NPI and DEA credentials in real time
  • Create customized exclusion lists
  • Determine if a Prescriber or Supervising Prescriber is on the OIG exclusions list, retired or deceased, and checks for State regulations
  • Verify if Prescribers are approved to prescribe drugs for opiate treatment programs
  • Verify the Prescriber’s DEA license for approval of a controlled substance being prescribed
  • Save all inquiries, allowing customers to have access to detailed transaction reports of all response messages returned to a pharmacy

Thousands of pharmacies rely on OneKey pharmacy services to streamline processes, save time and avoid costly fines. Be sure to ask about Central Prescriber, which you can integrate with PDX or customize to your pharmacy’s software, to help identify, select and attach providers to a prescription for more accurate reimbursement. And for your Human Resources department, Medical License Monitor can help save time and avoid mistakes by automatically checking the licenses and credentials of pharmacy employees subject to CMS requirements.

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Pharmacy Compliance Report

Analysis of Potential Pharmacy Fines & Savings

The reschedule of hydrocodone combination products (HCP) a few years ago has had critical logistical implications for U.S. pharmacies. Prior to the reschedule, many pharmacies were not in the regular practice of validating prescriber DEA credentials. Under today’s environment of enforcement, pharmacies that fail to comply with regulatory requirements face serious consequences.

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