Innovate to improve recruitment and retention.

Using data and advanced analytics, the expert recruitment team at IQVIA can help you meet your patient enrollment targets faster. Data-driven enrollment and retention helps manage some of the major risks to your development plan.

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Patient recruitment powered by the IQVIA CORE

Patient recruitment is one of the biggest risks to completing studies and hitting timelines. In fact, nearly half of sites miss enrollment targets. With data-driven insights and advanced technology, IQVIA can pinpoint patient populations, target physican referral networks with eligible patients and boost patient engagement. IQVIA is leveraging

  • Real world data to more accurately predict recruitment at each site and empower CRAs to drive recruitment plans and site screening activity.
  • Engagement technology platforms to activate referral networks and deliver more eligible patients.
  • Consumer and social media insights to inform patient recruitment messaging and enable precision targeting.

Patient-centric retention is critical to study success

IQVIA Patient Portal engages patients throughout the trial, reducing attrition and providing increased transparency.

By giving patients access to their own trial data and plain language summaries, we empower patients to better understand study goals and outcomes.

IQVIA™ Patient Portal - Transforming the clinical trial experience and maximizing study retention

New ideas in patient recruitment
Protocol Design

Assess your protocol against real world evidence using advanced analytics, and reduce the risk of costly amendments.

Phase IIb/III Trials

Improve the performance of your clinical trials with the power of the IQVIA CORE.

Site Identification

Identify the best performing sites for your trial in less time with new machine learning and predictive modeling methods.

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