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Adapt to digital communication channels, changing provider preferences and a growing focus on specialized support professionals with technology, training and skilled professionals from IQVIA.
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Navigate a multi-challenge, multichannel world

More launches, more payer and regulatory scrutiny and more competition mean faster, more intense sales cycles. At the same time, promotional preferences and evolving provider habits are changing the traditional model of a sales representative visiting individual doctors.

The fact is, healthcare professionals, like the patients they treat, have moved online – to seek information, communicate with peers and make decisions. And providers are more likely to be interested in skilled patient support from nurse educators than a promotional meeting. Is your sales team able to thrive in this new environment? And can your organization keep up with the pace of change?

IQVIA can support a targeted multichannel sales capability, with technology, tools and professionals with the skills you need now. We can manage recruitment, skill-assessment, training, and deployment of sales professionals around the world. So you have the flexibility you need to scale up quickly for a new drug launch, scale down as your product mix evolves and support the needs of providers and patients more effectively.

Too much, too little or just right?

Adapt to global trends

While individual countries differ, providers across the leading developed markets are moving toward higher use of digital channels in addition to their conversations with sales representatives. In surveys using IQVIA’s ChannelDynamics™ survey tool, we are seeing that healthcare professionals say they would prefer more digital interaction than they receive in five out of eight countries surveyed.

Apply machine learning techniques to quantify impact and relative target profile appeal of different channel and message options. IQVIA's advanced analytics identify important targets that could have been overlooked using traditional methods. They also let you compare channels, identify those that are most appropriate for your brand and evaluate your overall strategy based on more accurate metrics. As a result, you can discontinue channels that aren't working, invest in channels with the best potential and even learn if better-performing competitors are using channels differently.

Staff for a specialized world

The customer-facing team is becoming more diverse. For example, medical science liaisons help support pre-launch stakeholder engagement while nurses support and educate patients in treatment.  IQVIA has non-promotional specialists qualified to represent your brands, supported with ethical knowledge and controls tailored for local markets around the world.

The future of sales is being built now, with skilled resources who can deliver advanced analytics, insights and recommendations in the world’s most important markets. Building your own capabilities can be risky and time-consuming – and the needs you have today will be different from the needs you have tomorrow. IQVIA gives you the ability to increase capacity, streamline costs and get ahead of what’s next.

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