Excellent launches are winning the evidence battle
Beyond necessity and nice to have: RWE as a true strategic differentiator
White Paper
Mar 09, 2020

Launch Excellence has acquired an almost mythical quality: pursued by many, found by few, as we have observed in our most recent white paper on this topic. The pharmaceutical industry's quest for launch excellence has spurred a wealth of publications on how to achieve it, yet little has been written on the competitive use of real world evidence (RWE), as a true strategic differentiator, in the launch context.

In this white paper, we will explore the critical importance of RWE as a source of competitive advantage, how excellent launches have utilised it in achieving success and address key questions, such as: What is a competitive level of RWE? How early should RWE generation start? What issues should RWE focus on? And how do the answers to those questions change over the launch lifecycle?

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