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IQVIA™ is leveraging new data, new tools, new channels, and new ideas to drive healthcare further.

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We understand that connections matter

It's all about connections - between data, between stakeholders, between patients, and they system they live in. And we see the explosion of Big Data in healthcare - coming from a seemingly endless stream of sources - is making those connections hard, but also somehow more important, minute by minute.

IQVIA is the leader in Human Data Science, and ware also at the leading edge of understanding how capturing, connection and, most importantly, protecting this non-identified human data is the key to improving human health.

Digital health is at the center of this imperative. It is the convergence of new data, new tools, new channels, and even new ideas about what a drug really is, to drive healthcare further.

But ‘digital’ can mean different things to different people. It can be a way to lower operating costs. It can also be the catalyst for completely redefining the strategic direction of a business.

So how can we evaluate the potential of digital health? How can we balance the excitement of innovation with the confidence that comes from evidence?

The innovations

The pace of change in digital is astonishing in any market, but in healthcare the implications are particularly exciting. Beyond just new data sources and tools (e.g. wearables), we are seeing a rapid growth in new channels and even new therapies that change the definition of treatment entirely.

In April 2018, IQVIA collaborated with DigitalHealth.London, NHS England and the digital therapeutics Alliance to introduce NHS to digital therapeutics. Learn more about the Summit, its participants and digital therapeutics.

The adoption

We're not at the beginning. From drug development to commercialization, adoption of digital health is increasing across the healthcare landscape. And while the strategic intent varies - from creating growth drivers and new markets to improving productivity - the direction forward is clear.

But it's not just the "what" that matters in digital health, it's the "how." We see innovators becoming increasingly sophisticated, knowing the steps and standards they need to follow to test their technology and generate evidence that is relevant and evaluated consistently to supply payer decision-making.

Because the real value in digital health is helping you do something else, whether it is doing things better, or doing better things.

For researchers and manufacturers, this has meant new opportunities to find the right patients more efficiently and bring research closer to home - literally. For regulators, it means looking at more robust forms of real world data to make decisions. And for patients, it means a wide-rage of opportunities to better navigate their health while bettering the system in general.

The evidence

We no longer have to hope that digital health will deliver on the promise to push healthcare and outcomes forward - we now know, based on research from the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science, that the value of collecting and connecting non-identifiable data on human health, from inside and outside the healthcare environment, has surpassed the barriers.

Clinical evidence of the efficacy of digital health has grown substantially in the last decade. Evidence is being generated through trials, pilots and evaluations based on real world evidence. That evidence is then being made available for shared learning and faster and more consistent adoption of digital health tools.

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