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ePromo: One solution, many benefits

Promotional content development and approval involves many challenges: the need to support compliance, optimize ROI for marketing investments by reusing approved materials, and keeping up with the pace of digital asset management.

IQVIA ePromo is a highly scalable, cloud-based content management system (CMS) solution that addresses your organization’s growing commercial content demands. Rise above the challenges of the rapidly evolving digital landscape and content globalization with ePromo’s sophisticated features and out-of-the box configurations based on industry expertise, adapted to your needs.

Optimize ROI by streamlining promotional material review and approval from creation to dissemination, content re-use and expiration.

Drive Efficiencies

Accelerate content delivery

  • Meet your promotional and non-promotional medical, legal, regulatory (MLR) review and approval requirements with best practice workflows
  • Save time with an intuitive user interface
  • Deliver actionable insights by highlighting KPI’s with our dynamic role-based dashboards

Improve Collaboration

Simplify approvals with an easy-to-use interface

  • Enable owners, agencies and reviewers to complete their tasks and interact with team members quickly and efficiently
  • Easily share and reuse approved content with our easy-to-use search and sharing tools
  • Improve reporting, consistency and reuse by enabling employees to work globally within the organization using harmonized standards

Reduce Costs

Help your organization work more cost-effectively

  • Reduce approval cycles – improving medical, legal, and regulatory team efficiency – with SMART configurations
  • Search and find relevant approved content quickly
  • Reuse content and assets across countries and campaigns
  • Integrate with IQVIA’s Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) platform and other platforms via Lexi

Support Compliance

Ensure that process controls are maintained

  • Release only approved assets into market
  • Track process activities as well as ownership and location of disseminated content with sophisticated audit trail capabilities
  • Adhere to multiple regional code and health authority requirements
  • Monitor the overall content lifecycle with compliance-specific dashboards, fully auditable workflows, reports and digital signatures

Scalable, Integrated

As a cloud-based solution, ePromo is highly scalable to address your organization’s growing content management demands. Out-of-the box configurations are adapted to your needs and automation is increased through integration with other applications in the commercial ecosystem.

Commercial Ecosystem

ePromo is part of an integrated commercial ecosystem that enables you to manage the end-to-end process of customer engagement. This is built on a foundation of rich data and insights, and includes capabilities such as OCE, Master Data Management (MDM), Data Warehouse, Meeting Management and Compliance.

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