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Once you’ve found the right sites, get them activated and engaged faster with our clinical operations technology suite. It’s a single, simple way to connect sponsors, sites and CROs across locations and borders.
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Focus on what matters

Contracts, budgets and regulatory filings aren’t the most important part of your trial. But they can slow it down, frustrate sponsors and investigators, and add unproductive costs. The site activation platform from IQVIA reduces administrative burden so you can focus on your protocol, process and patients. It’s designed to let you activate sites more efficiently and engage with them more effectively.

IQVIA Technologies' clinical operations suite has a single sign-on, but it's built for multiple administrative tasks

  • Connect sites in different localities and countries
  • Gather medical licenses, CVs and other documents
  • Provide contracts, set budgets and make payments
  • Track patient enrollments
  • Manage regulatory requirements
  • Set schedules, assign tasks and identify past-due materials
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

30K patient consents

captured in 51 languages.
IQVIA's Expertise

1.3 billion+

trial payments processed annually on behalf of sponsors

When work gets simpler, more gets done

Site licenses, investigator CVs, and even basic information like site addresses is stored on IQVIA's clinical operations platform so it’s already there. That eliminates duplicate requests and creates an authoritative source for required information.

The platform also allows you to assign tasks to sites, sponsors, investigators, CROs and other participants so you can make sure you are on schedule, anticipate issues, and identify the causes of delays faster if they do occur.

The platform also integrates with other key platforms, so you can pull information between CTMS, eTMF and other systems to streamline and connect all parts of the trial process.

I was done with the contracting process in 24 hours. It took four weeks for a similar trial with a different organization – so this was a pleasant surprise!
Site Director
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Clinical Trial Site Payments

How much is your current payments solution really costing you?

Pricing and Market Access

Understand how payers, providers, and patients define value, and accelerate market access for new and innovative products.

Integrated Global Compliance

Meet the challenge of changing stakeholder demands and increasing cost constraints with IQVIA's integrated technology services and analytics-driven offerings.

Essential regulatory document collection

IQVIA's clinical operations suite is a centralized, secure location for generating, exchanging and tracking essential regulatory documents that goes far beyond basic file sharing websites. Features include

  • Dynamic checklists

  • User management

  • Distribution lists

  • Comprehensive audit trail providing date/time stamps

  • Complete version history for every single document

Make payment processing a plus

Payments are about more than money. They’re a way to strengthen your reputation and relationships. IQVIA is the world’s leading site payments provider, featuring proven payments technology used by tens of thousands of sites. We help ensure that your site receives reliable, timely payments, which can help you become a sponsor of choice. Financial lifecycle management includes customized payment terms and schedules, VAT optimization consulting and more.

Inform patients to drive enrollment and retention

Paper consent forms are lengthy, complex and intimidating. This explains why, according to a recent CISCRP study, 36% of patients who dropped out of trials reported the consent process as "somewhat/very difficult" to understand.

IQVIA has the most eConsent experience available worldwide, to help you

  • Increase patient understanding and satisfaction
  • Establish trust from start of the trial
  • Monitor global consent progress in real time
  • Keep patients engaged throughout the trial

It all adds up to improved enrollment and retention. Because more informed patients are more likely to stay invested in trials from start to finish.

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