Inspection Management

SmartSolve® Inspection Management software helps you simplify the complex challenge of managing incoming quality control.
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Whether you are performing incoming inspection at a single site or at a global level, the solution enables you to minimize time and labor associated with incoming inspection, while maintaining high quality. This can mitigate risk and reduce costs associated with scrap, rework and customer returns.

  • Perform incoming inspection – simplify the challenge of managing incoming quality using a risk-based workflow to ensure that you are inspecting the right products from the right suppliers at the right time.
  • Mitigate supplier-related risk – control incoming inspection requirements and efficiently monitor high-risk suppliers and materials, then use resulting system-generated data to optimize your supplier base.
  • Control incoming quality requirements – define, approve and control incoming inspection plans with integrated visibility into current SOPS so you can outline exactly which characteristics need to be inspected.
  • Streamline supplier inspections – ensure compliance and control while maintaining an efficient incoming inspection process. Inspection Management’s dashboards and email notifications provide inspectors with insight into the specific product characteristics to be measured.
  • Integrate with existing business systems – streamline the investigation and resolution process through integration with your existing ERP system and with other SmartSolve solutions that allow you to address supplier defects before their materials enter the manufacturing process.
  • Monitor delivery and inspection trends – make informed decisions about your supplier base using trend reports to pinpoint high-risk suppliers and products. Automatic scheduling and email notifications keep your entire team aware of incoming quality trends and data.

Learn how we can help streamline your incoming inspection process and ensure that you inspect the right products from the right suppliers at the right time.

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