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Web-based portal for searching healthcare professionals, organizations and affiliations.
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Stay one step ahead of your competition.

OneKey Web is a robust web portal that provides access to comprehensive data on over 9 million healthcare providers (HCPs) and 680,000 healthcare organizations (HCOs), including the affiliations linking them together. With OneKey Web, you gain insights to improve the performance at every level of your organization.

Life sciences and other companies use the OneKey Web portal to:

  • Access better and deeper HCP and HCO information to strengthen strategies
  • Verify credentials and licenses in real time
  • Effectively target and segment prospects for optimal ROI
  • Improve sales and marketing results

With OneKey Web, you can stay one step ahead of your competition by identifying new market opportunities and targeting the right organizations, IDNs, GPOs, and providers for your sales team. Size up various acute and non-acute markets with clear access to parent-child hierarchies, and custom create and extract targeted reports that meet your specific business needs.

OneKey Web is available as a subscription, with a variety of subscription options available.

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