Access prescriber data through your own pharmacy system

For pharmacies that are busy filling hundreds of prescriptions per day, it is essential to maintain accurate prescriber files. Central Prescriber is a customized solution that allows pharmacists to identify valid prescribers in real time.

Pharmacies looking for a cost-effective prescriber validation solution that integrates with popular pharmacy applications like PDX should look no further than Central Prescriber.

With Central prescriber, pharmacy staff can:

  • Identify, select and attach providers to a prescription
  • Save keystrokes, time and data entry mistakes
  • Access valid, active providers from our pharmacy prescriber file
  • Verify NPI and DEA credentials
  • Check for OIG exclusions

Cost-effective and customizable, the Central Prescriber validation solution integrates with popular pharmacy applications, such as PDX, to access valid, up-to-date prescriber data.

Thousands of pharmacies rely on OneKey pharmacy services to streamline processes, save time and avoid costly fines. Be sure to ask about Central Prescriber API for real-time access to prescriber NPI and DEA credentials, state license information and sanction activity.

And for your Human Resources department, Medical License Monitor can help save time and avoid mistakes by automatically checking the licenses and credentials of pharmacy employees subject to CMS requirements.

Contact us and let us put our data and technology to work for you.

The DEA is Watching!

Pharmacies Must Verify the Authority of Prescribers
Pharmacies are on the leading edge of the battle against prescription drug abuse. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has levied millions of dollars in fines under the 1970 Controlled Substances Act and many of these violations were oversights that could easily have been avoided with a more up-to-date prescriber database. 

Pharmacy Compliance Report

Analysis of Potential Pharmacy Fines & Savings
The reschedule of hydrocodone combination products (HCP) a few years ago has had critical logistical implications for U.S. pharmacies. Prior to the reschedule, many pharmacies were not in the regular practice of validating prescriber DEA credentials. Under today’s environment of enforcement, pharmacies that fail to comply with regulatory requirements face serious consequences.