Leapfrog the competition by proving the value of your products

Your world is unique – and quite different from pharma. In the U.S., decision-making has shifted from individual physicians to integrated networks--GPOs, IDNs and payers. These groups have heightened the focus on proving your solution’s value, demanding outcomes analyses and putting pressure on pricing.

IQVIA has the tools and the expertise to help you address these new requirements. From basic market assessment and intelligence to compliance, lifecycle solutions and outcomes analysis.  Setting up your devices and diagnostics for success.

  • Stand out from your competitors by competing beyond price. Employ our vast sales, procedural, reference and longitudinal non-identified information from over 530M patients to help demonstrate your product’s true value.
  • Get actionable new ideas for product development and marketing based on our proprietary combination of vast, curated global data, specialized market intelligence and advanced analytics.
  • Scale your business as needed with a partner that can tailor capabilities across virtually all geographies and therapeutic areas.
  • Use cutting-edge tech to get the right decision-making information into your hands when and how you need it -- compliantly and efficiently.

Comprehensive services across the life cycle


Learn more on how some of our key data and service platforms can help you: 

Contact us to learn more about how you can form a detailed understanding of the healthcare market to identify the best opportunities, and how you can use our unparalleled purchase data to help you maximize your sales and market share. 

Data and Analytics Deliver Big Solutions for Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Strategies

The healthcare landscape is changing. Moves to improve clinical outcomes with a focus on cost-effectiveness are trending with a shift towards GPOs, IDNs, ACOs, and VACs. The increasing quality of data and the advances in analytics can provide an important input to sales and marketing teams to adapt to these new dynamics.

Uncovering Best-Practices in Med Tech Sales and Marketing
Reporting on the solutions and techniques the industry is adopting in 2017