Capture, Resolve and Track Defects and Deviations

The quality, safety, and reliability of your products depends on your ability to conform to specifications. So when a deviation occurs, it is important to resolve it in a timely and compliant manner. SmartSolve® Nonconformance Management software has a closed-loop workflow to document, investigate, assess, and disposition product and process nonconformances. Our nonconformance and deviation management software helps you:

  • Capture defects and assess their risk through one simple defect reporting form that lets you quickly capture details like part, quantity, failure type, and severity. Our Nonconformance Management software automatically adjusts workflows or triggers alerts for critical products or high-risk deviations.
  • Guide your team through the resolution process with email alerts and personalized dashboards that help team members quickly weigh in with dispositions and investigation results. Milestone dates and escalation triggers help you reduce nonconformance cycle time.
  • Create the right CAPAs at the right time.
    Not every defect requires a CAPA. SmartSolve's risk calculations incorporate Severity, Occurrence, and Detection ratings to ensure that CAPAs for high-risk defects are created in a structured, consistent manner. Then, seamless integration with our CAPA management software automatically escalates risky defects and deviations at exactly the right time. You can create a new CAPA or work with an existing record to streamline your process for related defects.
  • Drive continuous improvement. 
    Create an aging report or perform trend analysis within interactive quality intelligence dashboards. You can easily distribute reports to share defect and deviation trends throughout your organization. Our consistent failure mode reporting can be used to drive improvement in new product and process design, while aging reports can help you reduce nonconformance and overall cycle time.
  • Tailor, extend, and integrate your quality processes as the demands on your quality management system grow.

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