Manage CAPAs and Verify Their Effectiveness

SmartSolve® CAPA Management helps Life Sciences organizations develop a risk-based, streamlined problem resolution process. Our CAPA software provides user-friendly tools to:

  • Adopt a risk-based CAPA process as our software automatically adjusts its workflow based on failure type, product, or other defect information. 
  • Resolve problems quickly with personalized email alerts and dashboards to help CAPA team members quickly weigh in with action plans and responses. Milestone dates and escalation triggers help you close out CAPA records on time. 
  • Guide your team with best-practice CAPA workflows and thorough, complete documentation of the entire CAPA process, including creation, risk assessment, investigation, verification, implementation, and effectiveness review. 
  • Ensure CAPA effectiveness with software alerts of scheduled effectiveness reviews so you can be sure that corrective and preventive actions have delivered the desired results. 
  • Let CAPA software feed continuous improvement by using CAPA data to provide design inputs for new products, processes, and preventive changes throughout your organization.
  • Tailor, extend, and integrate your quality processes as demands on your quality management system grow.

Learn how to manage CAPAs and verify their effectiveness with SmartSolve.