Fueling transformation to increase value and improve patient outcomes

Providing actionable insights

Our dedicated and experienced team provide end-to-end solutions to 150+ Trusts which:

  • Drive efficiencies
  • Reduce cost and clinical variation 
  • Improve patient outcomes 

IQVIA NHS Solutions RoundelOur holistic approach integrates real-world evidence, analytics, accurate financial and patient activity reporting data, supported by strategic consulting. This approach speeds up decision-making and provides a common language for clinicians and managers to improve the healthcare outcomes of patients.

Improving outcomes

Working closely with Trusts, we’ve been developing tailored solutions to:


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Enabling sustainable partnership between the NHS and the life sciences industry

To improve patient care, innovation and outcomes at better value for the health system we enable projects and programmes to take place from which each stakeholder is able to derive mutual benefit. This is achieved via a transparent platform of partnership and cooperation between industry and the NHS, both nationally and regionally.

In 2017, IQVIA entered into a strategic collaboration with the country’s leading transformative body for oncology services, the national Cancer Vanguard. The Cancer Vanguard works across a total population of 10.7 million people, providing an unprecedented opportunity to transform and create new models of cancer care that can be reproduced nationally. This initiative, in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, has recently been extended to improve the breast cancer patient care pathway across the Greater Manchester and represents a clear embodiment of a core pillar of the life sciences industrial strategy in using data and digital tools to support research and improve patient care.

As the move toward increasingly accountable and integrated care systems builds momentum, we continue to work with individual Trusts, Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and the industry, to improve treatment pathways by supporting collaboration across the health system as a whole.

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Cost and Income Solutions

Maximise your Trust’s performance, costing, income and quality of care

Patient Level Information Costing (PLICS)
  • Like 60+ Trusts, get Patient Level Costing Information that is compliant with the guidance set out by NHS Improvements Costing Transformation Programme (CTP); our solution builds on our experience with the Albatross PERCS and Healthcost PLICS systems
  • Identify and address areas of concern
  • Leverage a clinically, financially and operationally focused platform
  • Read the brochure to know more on PLICS


Integrated Service Line Reporting (iSLR)
  • Gain visibility of the financial implications of clinical decisions
  • Identify clinical efficiencies and champions across department
  • Maximise front line services
Clinical Coding Analytics (EPS)
  • Identify care provided and correct income for work done
  • Quickly and easily identify areas of improvement
  • Identify and predict “complex” patients who would benefit from integrated care
  • Read the fact sheet to know more on EPS

Benchmarking Solutions

Compare your Trust against 90 others to identify costs and efficiencies specific to your organisation

Healthcare Optimisation Benchmarking (HOB)
  • Compare financial & operational performance
  • Identify areas of concern for investigation
  • Leverage specific modules for key areas e.g. Oncology, ophthalmology, etc.

The leading NHS Benchmarking tool, HOB, has been developed to replace our Patient Cost Benchmarking (PCB) solution.



Performance Analytics Solutions

Identify opportunities for service transformation

Patient Analytics’ Bureau (PAB)
  • Identify drivers of cost and inefficiencies specific to your Trust and based on national standards for service transformation
  • Improve service performance
  • Improve care pathways (e.g. ED, referral, chronic)
Care Pathway Analytics (CPA)
  • Carry out detailed analysis of treatment pathways
  • Get quick and clear data visualisations combined with powerful analytics to identify areas of unwarranted variation
  • Achieve high quality affordable care


Feedback Mechanism Solutions

Gain crucial insight into quality of care and deliver rapid improvements

Meridian (Patient Experience & Audit Management)
  • Collect non-identified patient data easily using the most effective channels
  • Automate analysis of data in real time, reporting processes and compliance and actions for staff
  • Improve operational performance with insights tailored to users at all levels across your Trust; from frontline staff to the board, across multiple locations, units and specialties


Qlik Partner Program

QLIK Healthcare LogoIn October, IQVIA was honoured as a Qlik Partner Program for "Healthcare Specialisation" which formalises how we demonstrate the highest level of competency in using Qlik in healthcare.

IQVIA harnesses the capabilities within Qlik in a number of the solutions listed above and allows clinical users to access actionable insights quickly using Qlik.


AR-DRG Certified Grouper

Use DrGroup, the most efficient AR-DRG grouper system

Our AR-DRG Grouper software "DrGroup", enables the information manager within the hospital to group ICD9 and ICD10 patient morbidity data in accordance with the specified versions of the AR-DRG classification.

DrGroup is by far the most efficient AR-DRG grouper system available and runs on more platforms (including Windows and Unix) than any competitive product.

The current version of DrGroup is 9.0 (Rev 1) which groups to AR-DRG 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.0x, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0 from ICD-9-CM edition 13 and ICD-10-AM editions 1 to 10.

DrGroup 9.0 runs on a number of platforms including Windows, and Unix including Sun Solaris, Alpha, and AIX Unix.

For further information on DrGroup please email DRGroup@iqvia.com



Securely connecting healthcare providers to the NHS

Improving Connectivity for Healthcare Providers Small and Large

Our dedicated & experienced team provide end-to-end solutions to over 2500 independent contractors and a range of 3rd party contractors since 2006:

  • Reliable history of providing secure connectivity to NHS network for Healthcare providers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Commitment to information governance and patient care
  • Range of connectivity options from ADSL to Ethernet
  • Overlay services including IP Telephony, Wireless, 4G backup connectivity and customised network services

HSCN_Kitemark_CompliantWorking closely with a range of Healthcare providers, we’ve been developing tailored solutions to:

  • Improve resilience
  • Improve connectivity
  • Reduce costs through a range of overlay services

Securnet HSCN CN-SP Network Provider
  • Secure – Securnet trusted private network for healthcare providers
  • Available – High availability reliable network service
  • Features – out of box WIFI, 4G connectivity backup and IP Telephony; customised projects as per customer requirement
  • Excellence – N3 network aggregator since February 2006; service and solutions specialist for healthcare.