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Getting the Best Brexit Deal for Britain’s Life Sciences

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Brexit - where are we now?

Determining the impact of Brexit on life sciences

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Securing the best deal for life sciences 

IQVIA Institute delivers Thought Leadership Reports and White Papers by drawing on all of the resources of IQVIA to improve understanding of critical healthcare issues around the world, including the role of medicines in advancing healthcare, the disruptive impact of technology, and the value of information in improving decision-making through clinical development, commercialization and real world use of medicines.

It is easy to see why David Cameron described UK life sciences as “truly a jewel in the crown of our economy”.

The sector is made up of medical biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology and the wider scientific base on which it depends; it generates annual revenues of £60 billion, exports of £30 billion and employs 220,000 people. It underpins the quality of UK healthcare both because its presence ensures that scientific advances are immediately available to UK patients, and because the opportunity to work at the frontier of life science attracts some of the best clinicians and academic scientists in the world to work in the UK.

Seen in its wider context, it is also a cornerstone of the UK science sector, which is the second largest in the world after the United States and is the key to the global success of UK universities. It is hard to overstate its importance both to our economic health and to our ability to maintain and develop the quality of life in Britain.

As the Government prepares to launch its Brexit negotiations, we have heard much about the importance of the City of London and the financial services sector – and they do indeed represent a vital national interest; the purpose of this report is to ensure that policy makers are equally focussed on the implications of Brexit for UK life sciences and that its interests – and therefore the interests of UK citizens as a whole – are fully understood and protected.