18th TOP 20 Hospitals Conference

A special edition with different evaluations

Every year, between October and November, the TOP 20 Hospitals Conference is held, presenting topics of interest to the sector with national and international speakers, and also the news of the current edition of the TOP.

Hospitals TOP 20 is a hospital evaluation program based on objective indicators, obtained from data that is routinely recorded. It offers the health sector a useful benchmark for improving results, based on indicators of quality, performance and efficiency.

This year, the 18th TOP Hospitals Conference will be held November 22 at the Reina Sofía Auditorium in Madrid.

As a transition year for most hospitals for the implementation of the CIE-10-ES as a coding system, a special edition of the TOP 20 will be carried out in which two independent evaluations are presented, in which hospitals can participate:

  • Best hospital trajectories 2010-2015
  • Implementation of the CIE-10-ES

Those hospitals participating in any of the two evaluations will receive a free report with the main results and key indicators, compared with similar groups of hospitals, so that the hospital can visualize the points of greatest improvement.

For this edition, TOP Hospitals will be the ones that show a better balance in the trajectory of the results of the evaluated processes and indicators. If the hospital is nominated or TOP, it will be recognized for its good work with an award for their Health Service during the conference.

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