Activity-based costing for more informed decision making

Knowing the cost of treating each patient is crucial for providers when assessing efficiency. Providers not only need to know the revenue each patient treatment generates, but also the expenses accrued to treat the patient. They also need to identify better ways of pricing their services and efficiently allocate their resources.

With IQVIA’s Patient Level Information Costing System (PLICS), providers can easily link costs to each patient’s treatment, identify inappropriately used or underused resources and find opportunities for more effective use of their financial resources. PLICS also helps them work around missing data.

PLICS measures resources used at the individual patient level and compares them to the income generated at patient level, allowing providers to easily generate Service Line Reporting (SLR).

We have a dedicated team of Healthcare PLICS experts in the Middle East and Africa, more than 50 years of healthcare finance experience, and are the leading provider of healthcare costing solutions in GCC & UK. We have implemented our solutions in over 20 hospitals across the GCC region and have also established 3 GCC government costing systems and national strategic frameworks.

Learn more about how our PLICS can help enhance your operations’ efficiency and financial success.

Patient Level Costing