Standardized, centralized information and transactions management for better operational efficiency and enhanced outcomes

Proper management of both information and transactions is crucial to efficiently manage healthcare operations. Decentralized communication, poor regulatory monitoring, and transparency and population health management difficulties limit the potential of healthcare services. A lack of unified language, standard coding, schema and structure also affect the efficiency of operations, and obstruct communication and collaboration between payers and providers.

IQVIA’s Standardized Centralized Information and Transaction Management Solutions help payers and providers overcome these challenges. The solutions help monitor, analyze, intervene and control expenditure and enable more efficient Population Health Management. IQVIA’s solutions benefit from centralized data, unified language and schemas.

Our solutions:

  • Enable information and transactions management throughout the patient journey
  • Are supported by EHR Solutions, Pharmacy Management Systems and Specialized ERP Capabilities
  • Use demographic, medical, financial, policy, administrative and lifestyle information
  • Include e-prescribing solutions that connect payers with physicians and pharmacies
  • Connect stakeholders using a common healthcare language and communication approach
  • Support payers and providers with advanced decision support systems

Benefit from our experience in deploying nationwide Transaction Management Systems. Our solutions have a proven track record of handling hundreds of millions of activities annually, and have been trusted by governments and various payer schemes.

As the leading payer/provider transaction management solutions provider in the Middle East, IQVIA is well-positioned to provide you with the systems and solutions you need. Enjoy our 24/7 support center, which has trained over 22,000 people from both the payer and provider sectors.

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Information and Transactions Management