Standardization across processes to improve outcomes and efficiencies

Errors, Fraud, Waste and Abuse constitute 20-40% of Global Healthcare Expenditure. The lack of standardized definition of benefits and coverage rules add to the inefficiencies faced by payers and providers. Payers also face the problem of a lack of consistent adjudication.

IQVIA provides solutions enabled with real-time adjudication and powerful edits. This improves the revenue cycle for providers and adjudication for payers. Errors, fraud, waste and abuse are handled with enhanced effectiveness and efficiency.

Your organization will also benefit from improved:

  • Clinical outcomes
  • Cost efficiency
  • Patient experience

IQVIA’s Clinical and Benefit Management Solutions have saved payers 10-40% in benefits and clinical validations (depending on rule validation enablement), and they have prevented tens of thousands of potentially severe medical complications.

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Clinical and Benefit Management