Partnership with IQVIA Lebanon in Oncology Support Program
Case Study
Oct 09, 2019
Program Implementation – Delivering integrated evidence-based, educational and personalized support to patients throughout their journey

A multinational pharmaceutical company wanted to launch a new promising oncology product in Lebanon. The client requested patient support programs that would improve adherence and manage the disease.

Our partnership with the client led to many benefits for patients, including improved access to medicine, heavy home and hospital caseload support, improved understanding of the condition and side effects, decreased financial burdens associated with hospital admissions and lab tests, and an overall improved patient experience. HCPs witnessed improved therapy adherence, which rose from 93% at the time of the program launch to 100% after nine months. Our program also introduced the drug and its related services to HCPs faster than before. IQVIA enhanced patient access in the country by providing eligible patients with a Starter Pack free of charge. All patients were also educated and guided throughout the file submission process across all thirdparty- payers, preventing any treatment interruptions or missed doses.