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IQVIA Technology in Greece offers a wide range of services and products to help you improve your performance, market understanding and operations.
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businesswoman pointing at tablet screen
businesswoman pointing at tablet screen

Reference Information

  • OneKey Core Database - OneKey database offers detailed profiling information of HCPs and HCOs in a 100% compliant manner with local laws.
  • OneKey Market Access - Obtaining the OneKey market access provides a client, on top of the native OneKey attributes, additional profiling information (Product Phases, Geo Level, Domain, Stakeholder Type, Therapeutic Area) of all the Organizations and Stakeholders that influence the prescription or any key decision, along the Drug Life Cycle.
  • OneKey Digital - Profiling information of HCPs based on their digital footprint
  • OneKey Web Authentication - Use of IQVIA's OneKey database to authorize access in websites or services. Service includes cleansing client’s historical data, removing duplicates, identifying data errors and normalizing records, all performed by cross referencing the existing client’s database with the IQVIA OneKey database.
female viewing bar graph tablet in office
female viewing bar graph tablet in office

Customer Engagement

OCE - Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) unites CRM, MCM, Mktg & Sales, previously functioning as individual silos, in an integrated customer engagement platform. OCE combines micro-intelligence (providing key advice and recommendations), human-centric and friendly user interface with a premier integration platform for optimal connectivity between platforms.

Remote Detailing (Kadridge) - Kadridge iDetailing is a remote detailing platform (web application) built for Pharma to support best possible engagement with HCPs. Kadridge is available integrated into SFA/CRM systems or as a stand alone web application on any device or iOS application for remote interactions with or between clients. Use Kadridge to optimize your organization and territory management plan by supplementing with remote e-detailing capabilities to boost sales and marketing efficacy. 

Performance Management

  • CRM Analytics - Obtain advanced CRM analytics based on detailed reports according to PharmaCo's custom POA, KPIs, targets, needs and activity. Deliverable reports can incorporate a breakdown of Line/Manager activity, REP performance, smart visualizations with territorial calls on map and calls evolution over time.
  • Data Management & Insights Services - Use of all types of data management technologies and business intelligence to provide user-friendly automated solutions that can help PharmaCos improve their market overview, territorial performance and promotional strategy. BI analytics are faster, minimize repetitive analysis, eliminate human errors occurring in excel formulas and offer direct access to data from managers without the mediation of an analyst.
  • Market Performance & Sales Territory Analysis - IQVIA provides current market information and analysis combined with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. Delivery of market, product, territory overview dashboards to groups of users aiming to reveal opps, threats and current performance. Deliverables include market/territorial competition dynamics, monthly, quarterly or yearly market trends, Gx/Rx dynamics, BU/Product growth vs market, market analysis per corporation, product, KPIs (market share, units, values, growth) for MTH, QTD, YTD, MAT, CTD for all competitive products.
  • Brand P&L Analytics - IQVIA designs an automated brand and corporate P&L solution based on all relevant P&L lines (volume, gross revenue, clawback, rebate, discounts, net revenue, expenses, operating income etc). All data from different sources are structured and combined with the purpose of developing performance and management accounting data models which are used to create sales and P&L reports across specific dimensions (BU, brand, franchise, month, quarter, year, BU director, FLM, rep, country, area, brick etc.). Automated flows enable quick and easy periodic updates and access to the reports.
  • Customer Affinity Analytics - Measure and monitor PharmaCo-HCP engagement and HCP population movement between different behavioral affinity segments, on a web based application.     
man showing information
man showing information

Information Management Insights

Commercial Data Warehouse - Integrates and aggregates IQVIA proprietary data, internal data, 3rd party data and external and/or public information data to gain trustworthy, adaptable, and accessible insights to support commercial activities. A high performance solution that helps to harmonize disparate sources of data and then transform it into useful information. 

Social Media Analytics - Monitor pharma discussions on the Greek web over all channels (Medical websites, forums, blogs, news sites, social media). Compare discussions, searches, mentions, posts, articles of specific products, companies and deep dive into customer hot topics, pros and cons and product switches. 

brainstorm session
brainstorm session

Compliance Solutions

A leader in Healthcare Professional (HCP) and Healthcare Organization (HCO) Engagement and Spend Compliance focused on how pharma, biotech and medical device companies adhere to the growing list of complex, global regulatory and transparency requirements and manage the entire HCP/O engagement life cycles.