The size of the IMS panel (~2,100 pharmacies) allows for accurate representation of all products dispensed through Private Retail Pharmacies in 70 territories across Greece. Both Rx and Non-Rx products can be monitored with territorial granularity on a monthly, quarterly or semiannual basis and data are available through an online analytical tool (IMS Analysis Manager) to allow access from any place or device. Territorial Retail Pharmacies data from IMS are used by the majority of the companies that dispense their products through the pharmacy channel, in order to evaluate their sales force performance.

Weekly Data

New data service from IMS, ideal for launch tracking and monitoring the sell-out evolution of focus client or competition products. Currently weekly data are produced from a sub-panel of ~620 pharmacies of IMS' panel. This allows for a granularity of 13 IMS Areas. From 2018 onwards, the weekly data will be produced from the full IMS panel (~2,100 pharmacies) giving weekly insights for all 70 territories. Especially for Consumer Health products, weekly data provide unparalleled performance insight during periods with intense promo activity.

Reimbursed / non-reimbursed data

Based on new software installed in ~2,000 pharmacies, IQVIA is able to split between reimbursed and non-reimbursed, the recorded SKU sales per pharmacy, in other words sales that are accompanied by an e-presecription and sales without an e-prescription.